Hello and greetings from Moscow!

I'm Eugene. My first shortwave and medium waves listening was around 2000. The new wave of this wonderful time comes to me at summer of 2020. And I was fell into radio with new passions!

DXing is fantastic! Radio is like a magic. I love it very much! I want to share my passion with you. Please feel perfect to view my small collection of qsl cards.

I want to say many-many-many thanks to my dear DX friend Konstantin Barsenkov from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is my main source of life in radio nowadays. Kostya, I'm in a lot of happiness to deal with you! I think there is no shortwave program which doesn't mention "Konstantin Barsenkov from Saint-Petersburg"!

I also want to mention our mail-list with conversations in Russian about radio and QSL (really, "QSL and more"!): deneb-radio-dx.